The SHARE Tolerance program began as a grass roots idea on the part of some of our Sheriff’s deputies.  Funding for the mobile theater and for the creation of the audio-visual material came from various one-time contributions–inspired by the donors’   vision of the vital significance of the program’s objectives.

Meanwhile, continued funding for the program’s maintenance and expansion is non-existent. Opportunities for grant funding are occasional but not a certainty.  To date, County funding has been impaired by numerous budget challenges.

That is why the Sheriff’s Department is asking for help from any member of the public who believes in the importance of this effort, and who is able to contribute.

An account for donations to SHARE Tolerance has been set up with 501C3 tax status, making such donations tax deductible.  Donations can be sent to

c/o Sheriff’s Relief Association
11515 S. Colima Rd.
Whittier, CA 90604

"Hate crime is an assault on the very tenets of American Democracy and the Constitution that this country cherishes. We cannot stand by idly while perpetrators of hate think for one minute that they will find an easy target on which to prey."

- Leroy D. Baca
Sheriff, Los Angeles County

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